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Medical Mediation Group is the brainchild of Chris Stern Hyman who along with Marc Fleisher founded the organization in 1998. Both Marc and Chris were already seasoned litigators when they recognized that mediation was a saner and more economical way to resolve conflict. They have had extensive experience in mediating a wide variety of disputes. In addition to their shared background as litigators and mediators, Chris and Marc have a keen interest and experience in health care. Health care is an arena in which conflicts are burgeoning as the landscape becomes more complex and in which alternatives to litigation are sorely needed. Mediation offers a more efficient and satisfying way to resolve disputes by allowing the parties themselves to explore their interests and reach their own solutions, not ones imposed by a judge or arbitrator.
spacer We have mediated disputes among a health care team involving complicated treatment decisions for a difficult patient and family, end-of-life decisions, and medical malpractice lawsuits. Mediation allows the emotional intensity of these cases to be expressed and defused as the mediator works with the participants to explore possible resolution. Chris and Marc work together as co-mediators and separately as solo mediators. leftSide
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