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When you have been sued or are ready to sue someone, inevitably you feel wronged and angry. In filing a lawsuit, you are about to embark on a long, emotionally wrenching process: litigation. One option you have, which you may not be aware of, is mediation. It’s a process in which you and your lawyer, if you have one, agree with the other disputing parties and their lawyers to hire a mediator. Mediation can be used before or after filing a lawsuit.  MORE
When I learned that mediation encourages people in a dispute to decide how they would like to resolve their disagreement rather than having someone else, often a judge or an arbitrator, tell them how it was going to end, I became a mediator. Invariably, the disputants themselves know what result will work best for them. Mediation may not be the right process for each case, but it should be considered in every case.  MORE